WHERE I STARTED is the latest single from rock band, Watchers. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Hesse of the rock band, Hoobastank.

Vocals, Chorus & Pre Chorus Backing Vocals, Gang Vocals - Chris Brennan

Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Chorus & Pre Chorus Backing Vocals, Gang Vocals, Programming - Clint English

Drums, Tribal Drums, Percussion, Gang Vocals - Ben Ezell

Bass Guitar - Dan Mineart of EchoDog Productions (echodogproductions.com)

Piano, Synth, Organ, Strings - John Kendall Royston of EchoDog Productions (echodogproductions.com)

Chorus & Pre Chorus Backing Vocals, Gang Vocals - Chelsea Laughlin

Vocals, Backing Vocals, Gang Vocals, Drums, Tribal Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar tracked at Watchers’ rehearsal space in Lake Charles, LA

Bass Guitar, Piano, Synth, Organ, Strings tracked at EchoDog Productions in Richmond, VA

Lead Guitar & Programming tracked at Clint English’s home studio in Baton Rouge, LA

Cover Artwork - Clint English (clintenglish.com)

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Chris Hesse of Hoobastank & The Lighthouse Recording (thelighthouserecording.com) in Woodland Hills, CA


Watchers are a rock band consisting of Chris Brennan (Vocals, Guitar), Clint English (Lead Guitar), Benjamin Ezell (Drums) and Justin Martindale (Bass) from Lake Charles, LA.

Chris and Clint have been writing and recording music together since the summer of 2008. It was hard for them to actually get things going and off the ground, at first, being that it was just the two of them. Chris wrote lyrics, rhythm guitar, and some keys, while Clint wrote the lead guitar, drums and bass guitar. Throughout those years of constantly putting off music and picking it back up again, the duo finally decided to record their freshman album with producer, Chris Eric (The Woodlands/Houston, TX), in August of 2012. Watchers have entitled the record “Fighting Patience” as a literal interpretation of the time, patience and dedication it took to finally release this record after all they had been through. They have explored so many uneasy options to record and release this record, but the fact that they remained patient really has paid off. “Fighting Patience” is a full-length/full band record and is due out October 9, 2012.

As of August 2013, Watchers have included two new official members, and the full-band Watchers line-up now consists of Chris Brennan (Vocals, Guitar), Clint English (Lead Guitar), Benjamin Ezell (Drums) and Justin Martindale (Bass).

“Every moment of [“Where I Started”] proves it is transcendent of current Top 40. Like any good ear worm, it will replay in your mind long after you’ve worn out the repeat button.” - Planet Stereo
“Watchers: Part of a New Rock Era in the Making” - OneAvenue
“We think Watchers is INCREDIBLE. I listened to the entire Spotify playlist at least three times last night.” - Dayna Ghiraldi (Big Picture Media - President)

Vocals, Guitar | Chris Brennan

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals | Clint English

Drums | Benjamin Ezell

Bass | Justin Martindale